Policy for EU.org

The following only applies to domains registered directly within EU.org.

The general policy also applies.


The domain manager reserves the right to refuse any domain creation directly in EU.org if it is estimated that registration in an existing subdomain of EU.org (country delegation, for example) would be acceptable.

The goal is to avoid the creation of a flat and unmanageable namespace.

Type of records

To minimize administration, only domain delegation (NS records) is provided.

If you want other types of resource records, you will have to request a domain delegation for the desired zone and manage the new zone yourself.

This implies that you need access to a machine running a name server. If you don't, you can try to find DNS hosting.

Subdomain names

Only subdomains of 4 characters or more will be registered automatically.

3 character names are normally reserved for internal use and future extensions, but can be allocated on a case-by-case basis preferably to non-profit associations, European organizations, and so on.

2 letter names are reserved to domains completely open to registration and future internal use. The first category includes:

2 character names including a letter followed by a digit can be allocated exceptionally for non-for-profit, European organizations matching that name, only on a case-by-case basis.

Write to hostmaster@EU.org if you have good reasons to ask creation of a domain on these criteria (for example if you want to obtain and manage a delegation for a country domain).

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