Open domains and policies

In addition to itself, the following subdomains are already reserved and open to registration.

The idea is to avoid creating a flat and unmanageable namespace in Registration directly in is possible, but it is advised that you register in one of the following subdomains instead.

The policies for these domains are the same as the general policy for

If the country (or other, like for example) of your dreams is not in the list below, and you can provide name service and administration for it (this is now a required condition to avoid creating many almost empty country domains that we then have to manage), you can write to to request that it is created and delegated to you. Note that, in that case, it must obviously be open to everyone.

International domains
Educational sites
International domain
There is no for organizations; or itself is supposed to serve that purpose.
European Union countries already delegated:
Other countries in Europe:
Other countries:

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