will move its nameservers out of France due to the new Intelligence Law

Paris, France, April 17th, 2015

(French version)

Due to the recent vote in the French "assemblée nationale" of the new intelligence law (videos here -- French language here), regrets to announce that it will have to move its name servers out of France.

This law -- which is still pending final vote, first at the national assembly on May 5th, 2015, then at the senate -- establishes fully legal, undiscriminated Internet trafic eavesdropping by the French intelligence agencies, with undisclosed technical measures ("boites noires" -- black boxes) and algorithms, under the sole and full responsibility of the executive (political) power, without any oversight from the judicial power.

This traffic includes, among other things, DNS resolution requests from the users accessing the 28 000+ domains delegated worldwide by over the years. can not knowingly let its users traffic -- including activist websites worldwide --, and these sites' own users access traffic, open to unwarranted eavesdropping. invites citizens to contact MPs and Senators to express their concern at, created by Quadrature du Net, a French activists group defending civil liberties.

The Internet engineering body, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), is working on DNS privacy. See one of their working draft documents on this matter here.

Founded in 1996 to promote domain name access to individuals, has always defended privacy and has deployed the DNSSEC protocol, which provides authenticated DNS replies against spoofing attacks and lying DNS resolvers. has delegated over 28 000 domains to date.

Contact: Pierre Beyssac or on twitter @pbeyssac